South Carolina State Income Tax Forms 2012 – 2013

Form SC1040      Individual Income Tax Return

Schedule NR      Nonresident Schedule

Form SC1040TC                 Tax Credits

Schedule TC-1   Drip/Trickle Irrigation Systems Credit

Schedule TC-3   Water Resources Credit

Schedule TC-4   New Jobs Credit

Schedule TC-5   Scenic Rivers Credit

Schedule TC-9   Employer Child Care Credit

Schedule TC-10                 Base Closure/Federal Facility Employment Reduction Hiring Credit

Schedule TC-14                 Community Development Credit

Schedule TC-19                 Qualifed Conservation Contribution Credit

Schedule TC-21                 Certified Historic Structure Credit

Schedule TC-22                 Certified Historic Residential Structure Credit

Schedule TC-23                 Textiles Rehabilitation Credit

Schedule TC-24                 Commercials Credit

Schedule TC-27                 Health Insurance Pool Credit

Schedule TC-28                 SC Quality Forum Credit

Schedule TC-29                 Qualified Retirement Plan Contribution Credit

Schedule TC-32                 Premarital Preparation Course Credit

Schedule TC-35                 Alternative Motor Vehicle Credit

Schedule TC-38                 Solar Energy or Small Hydropower System Credit

Schedule TC-44                 Excess Insurance Premium Credit

Form FS-102       Installment Agreement Request

Form I-319          Tuition Tax Credit

Form I-330          Contributions for Check-Offs

Form I-334          Milk Credit

Form I-335          Active Trade or Business Income Reduce Rate Computation

Form I-335A       Worksheet 1 – Pass Through Income From a Sole Proprietorship

Form I-335B        Worksheet 2 – Pass Through Income From a Partnership or S Corporation

Form SC3911      Refund Tracer

Form PT-100       Business Personal Property Return

Form UT-3W      SC Use Tax Worksheet

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