Georgia Income Taxes 2013 – 2014 – GA Taxes 2013 – 2014

You are necessary to file your tax return by April 15th unless you file an extension to allow for more timeGeorgia Income Taxes. An extension allows you more time you get your paperwork together to file your return. It does not give you more time to pay. If you pay late then you could face interest and penalties.

You can file your tax return either online by e-filing your return or by mailing your return in.

If you lived or earned income exceeding $5,000 in the State of Georgia and any of the following apply to your situation you will need to file a Georgia State income tax return:

•You filed a Federal income tax return

•Your income is subject to Georgia Income Tax

•Your income exceeds the states standard deduction

If your income does not meet any of these and you are not required by law to file, you may still decide to file a return if you would like to get a refund or to be eligible for some of the credits offered by the state such as a low-income credit. Your income will be taxed at the current income tax rates of 1-6 percent depending on the mount of your income.

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 If you have a simple return then you can file Form 500-EZ which is the short individual income tax return. If you worked in Georgia but were not a resident then you must file a Georgia Form 500 individual income tax return which is the same form as a resident would file. The same would apply if you are a resident of Georgia but receive your income from another state.

If you were only a part time or temporary resident then you may also be required to file the same form but you would need to provide an additional schedule showing the length of time you residing in Georgia during that tax year. You can find all the details of this on our tax form page.

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