FL state taxes 2013 – 2014

FL state tax return 2013 – 2014

If you are lucky sufficient to be a resident here then I am sure you are previously aware that there is no

FL State Tax Filing

FL State Tax Preparation

t income tax in Florida. This positively doesn’t mean that you don’t have to pay any type of taxes. You are still necessary to file a federal tax return. The bulk of the taxes collected come from sales and use tax, corporate income taxes, and intangible taxes. Those tax forms are obtainable online.

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 State Tax Rates

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 The present sales tax rate is 6 percent which is concerning the same amount as most other states that charge sales tax. If you own and function a business that earns income in the state then you will be necessary to file a corporate income tax return. Also if you own a home in the Sunshine State then you will have to pay those assets taxes as well. This amount is determined by the market value of your home as of the first day of that filing year.

State Tax Refund

If you would like more information on any of the taxes that you may be required to file then check out the Florida department of Revenue’s website. It is very informational and can answer any questions you may have.

Online Filing

If you have resolute that you will be paying some sort of tax then you should consider filing your tax return online. If you earned income then you will be required to file federal return even though you do not have to pay state income tax on those earnings.

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