1040X Amended Tax Return

If you are filing a 1040X tax form you are aware that your original return needs amended. This can be a worrisome thought since some type of information was incorrect or missing and you know have to notify the Interna

1040X Amended Tax Return 2013

E file Your 1040X Amended Tax Return

l Revenue Service. Do not panic. The IRS understands that legitimate errors occur and they have set up the opportunity to correct them.

The guidelines are clearly illustrated on what can be amended and what cannot. For example, you may not change your status from joint to single after the due date. A common reason for an amended return is incorrect information on the return or missing documentation such as 1099 or dividend/interest reporting

Completing the 1040X

    A copy of your original

    All forms, worksheets, supporting documentation that you are amending.

    Any notices from the IRS

    Missing documentation such as 1099

E File Forms

When not to file a 1040X

If you paid interest or sent an addition to a tax that was already paid you should file Form 843 instead-this is a claim for Refund and Request for Abatement.

If your spouse was injured Use form 8679, for the Injured Spouse Allocation. . In special circumstances you may use 1040X if you qualify Injured spouse claim under Special Situations after you have filed the 8679.

Do not file Form 1040X for an injured spouse claim. Instead, file Form 8379, Injured Spouse Allocation. But if you are filing Form 1040X to request an additional refund after filing Form 8379, see Injured spouse claim under Special Situations, later.

Must Do

You must attach all supporting documentation to the 1040X or it will be returned.

Be specific and through in your descriptions and explanations why you are requesting an amendment.

The response time for the 1040X can be from 8-12 weeks. It is very important that you do not file more than one original return per year. By doing so, could delay your refund.

Other Documents

Form 8379




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